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Video Quality Options

  • Dive into immersive 4k 360° videos for a unique perspective.
  • If bandwidth is limited, choose HD videos for a smoother experience.

Playlist Durations

  • Short on time? Opt for our 30-minute playlists for a quick session.
  • For a comprehensive workout, explore our 45 and 60-minute playlists.

What’s Included in Our Playlists?

  • Warm-up exercises to prepare your body for the session.
  • Daoyin deep breathing techniques to activate your body’s primary energy center, the Dantian.
  • Kai Men Qigong to open your body’s energy channels.
  • Tai Chi dance loops, ranging from 1-10 to 1-20 moves, for graceful, flowing movements.
  • Tai Chi form sequences, including the first 3 and 6 sequence loops.
  • We conclude with the Five Lotus Blossoms Qi cutoff exercise.

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Awakening Your Qi

Just as the lotus flower unfolds with the rising sun, you can awaken your energy daily through our Qigong and Tai Chi program. We believe that energy flows best when the body is relaxed, so we commence with loosening exercises. Next, we introduce deep breathing or Daoyin exercises to activate the Dantian in your lower abdomen.

Opening the Door

The next step is Kai Men, or “opening the door,” which stimulates your meridians to facilitate energy flow. We guide you through the graceful Tai Chi dance known as Tiaowu, followed by the more meditative Tai Chi form.

Return to the Source

As the session nears its conclusion, we engage in another deep breathing exercise called the Five Lotus Blossoms, returning your energy to its center for storage until you require it.

Build Your Qi Daily

Are you prepared to unlock your hidden potential? Discover the transformative power of Tai Chi and Qigong exercises, and witness your life taking on new vitality.

Imagine a daily routine that not only enhances your physical flexibility and stamina but also elevates your mental acuity, mood, and sense of purpose. As you embark on this journey, you’ll feel a surge of heightened awareness and a revitalizing energy coursing through your entire being. This is the secret that awaits you.

What makes it truly magical is that this experience isn’t ephemeral. With consistent practice, you’ll notice these uplifting moments evolving into sustained energy levels that grow with each passing day. Your awareness sharpens, and you gain mastery over your energy, ensuring it’s readily available when needed and comfortably conserved when not.

The essence of Taoist energy training methods is now within your grasp. There’s no need to delay any longer—commence your transformation today and elevate it to the next level.






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